"Made in Italy" Planter's is the perfect model for a successful brand that has been able to cross borders in great strides, thanks to its team of professionals who are always catering to the needs of the market by creating high quality, natural, cosmetic products.

The objective of Planter's is to provide people with the best products, especially for those who strive to be "eco-conscious". Planter's skin care lines are formulated by carefully selecting natural ingredients, not tested on animals, safe on skin, and satisfaction guaranteed.

One of the keys to Planter’s success is without a doubt the attention devoted to research and development aimed at consistently improving the quality of products, by studying new formulas while respecting human health and the environment.
Today, aging skin is accelerated by increasingly aggressive and invasive pollutants, but also due to the use of overly aggressive cosmetics.

Skin that is easily irritated is sensitive to cosmetic products, and therefore choosing mild cleansers and facial products that are rich in active ingredients will help soothe, protect and moisturize.

Aloe, in particular, provides excellent restoring and hydrating properties, rich in mineral salts, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides.

Not surprisingly, the primary ingredient of Planter's has always been aloe vera, resulting in a developed and complete range of products for the face and body.

The products are paraben free, ethyl alcohol free, naturally formulated to reduce the risk of allergies, and nickel tested for effective skin care. The products are not tested on animals.
Through cold press, a clear, pale yellow oil is created that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals, 100% derived from almond seeds. This oil is very similar to the skin’s natural secretion, it is ideal for all skin types making skin feel soft and supple. It works as an emollient, nourishing skin and aiding in minimizing stretch marks.

Planter's has created a dedicated line for sensitive skin building on the unique characteristics of this precious oil. This line is particularly suitable for pregnant women to protect their skin from sagging and the formation of unsightly stretch marks.

Paraben free, no synthetic dyes, free of petrolatum and mineral oils, lanolin free, nickel tested for effective skin care. The products are not tested on animals.